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Indexes of links to other sites

Aboriginal Resources

Capucine's Native Resources

Fourth World Documentation Project list

Index of Maori sites

Index of Native Resources on the Internet

Long Haul Infoshop Index on Native Peoples

Native American Political Issues

Native Traditions: Website & search engine

Brilliant. Links to just about everywhere.

Sovereign Nations

Bougainville Freedom Movement

Chippewa - Nawash

Dineh Nation


    Aloha March on Washington
    The Aloha March mobilized delegations from each island
    and every state on the 100th anniversary of Annexation.

    Butch Kekahu's site

    Kingdom of Hawai'i
    Declaration of sovereignty by traditional heir to throne

    Nation of Hawai'i
Innu Nation/Mamit Innuat

Kingdom of Enenkio Atoll

League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations of the Western Hemisphere (LISN)

Mdewakanton Dakota

Mohawk Nation, Council of Chiefs

Mohawk Nation, Kahnawake Branch

Mohegan Nation (Western)

Nuxalk Government

Oneida Resisters

Sami activists resisting Swedish/Norwegian repression

South Sami Nation

Swan Valley Nyungah Community


    The Jatibonicu' Taino Tribal Longhouse

    The Jatibonicu' Tribal Council, Boriken-Region

    The Taino Indian-Land Review Newsletter (TITC Inc.)

    The  Taino Inter-Tribal Council Inc., US-Region

    The Taino Inter-Tribal Council's Taino-L Information page

    The Taino IRC Internet Relay Chat Rooms

    The Taino Tribal Council of Jatibonicu' US-Region
Tanganekald Peoples

Tlingit National Anthem - Alaska Natives Online
Tlingit culture and history, current issues relating to sovereigntist struggles, Alaska Natives Online and more Native American resources.

Sovereigntist / Pro-sovereigntist Organizations

Aboriginal Deaths In Custody Watch Committee - Western Australia

Abya Yala Fund

Action for Aboriginal Rights
Australian group

Afrikan Frontline Network

Akha Heritage Foundation
Supporting indigenous peoples of Thailand.

Amanaka'a Amazon Network

American Indian Movement (AIM)

   AIM - National

   AIM - International Confederation of Autonomous Chapters

   AIM - Southern California Chapter

   AIM - Tenessee

   AIM archive at Michigan University library

   Jordan Dill's site: one of the best around.
Anti-Colonial Action Alliance

Anti-Racist Action, Toronto

Associazione Per I Popoli Minacciati
Italian branch of Society for Threatened Peoples

Canada-Tibet Committee

Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with Native Peoples

Center for World Indigenous Studies

Chilean Popular and Indigenous Network

Coalition Against Environmental Racism (CAER)

Free Nigeria Movement

Friends of the Lubicon
Archives of the Friends of the Lubicon mailing list, bringing updates on Daishowa's lawsuit against FoL.

Hiti Tau: Conseil National Des ONG du pays Maohi
Tahiti: coalition of approx. 50 indigenous organizations

Indian Defense League of America

Indigenous Environmental Network

Indigenous Peoples' Center for Documentation, Research, and Information

Indigenous Peoples Coalition Against Biopiracy

Indigenous Women's Network

Institute for Global Education

International Indian Treaty Council

Manitoba Warriors
A lot of good info here; important for understanding Canadian criminalization of indigenous resistance and organizing

Maori Independence Site
Covering issues relating to indigenous sovereignty in the south pacific.

Mapuche International Link

Coalition promoting the right of Aboriginal people to move freely within their traditional territories, regardless of colonial borders. Specifically, the group conducts research, public education and fundraising to address the effect of the Canada-United States border on Wabanaki peoples. "Our long-term goal is to find ways for peaceful and respectful coexistence for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people on Turtle Island/North America."

National Chicano Moratorium Committee (NCMC)

National Committee to Free Puerto Rican Prisoners of War and Political Prisoners

Native American Rights Fund
HUGE site

Native American Support Group of New York City
NASG of New York City works on current American Indian issues from the United States, Alaska and Hawaii (e.g. Big Mountain, Hawai'i Independent and Sovereign Nation, Dzil Nchaa Si An) and internationally (e.g. Chiapas, Northern Ireland, Amazonia).

Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center
A reservation-based, non-profit organization in Lake Andes, SD serving Native American women and their families. Provides a variety of general health services, and have led community organizing against environmental racism, domestic violence, and abuses of reproductive rights.

Oneidas for Democracy

Original Nations of the East

Pacific Human Rights

Peace in Nagaland Campaign

Planet Peace

Progressive Resource/Action Cooperative (PRC)
Info about campaigns against the use of racist mascots.

Protect Kaho`olawe `Ohana

Queers for Reconciliation
"Australia has always been Aboriginal Land. We acknowledge and honor the Traditional Owners."

Rehue Foundation (info about Mapuche people and culture)

Sarawak Peoples Campaign

Servico Brasileiro de Justice e Paz

South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC)

South Eastern Anti-desecration League (SEAL)

South Pacific Peoples Foundation

The Kumarangk Legal Defence Fund Inc.
The Kumarangk Legal Defense Fund Inc. has been established to support Aboriginal women defending a sacred site near Adelaide, Australia.

Tino Rangatiratanga
Information about Maori sovereignty and Aotearoa (aka New Zealand).

United American Indians of New England (UAINE)

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO)
International organisation created by nations and peoples around the world who are not represented as such in the world's principal international organisations, such as the United Nations.

Western Shoshone Defense Project

WWW sites on Mexico / Chiapas / Zapatistas

Accion Zapatista

Building Bridges in Chiapas Human Rights Project

Centro de Investigaciones Económicas y Políticas de Acción Comunitaria (CIEPAC, A.C.)
Publishes the excellent newsletter "Chiapas Al Dia", in Spanish and English.

En Francais

EZLN / Zapatista home pages

Food, Medicine and Equipment for Peace
Food, Medicine and Equipment for Peace is a social action international civil organization (Mexico, USA and Canada) dedicated to the tasks of managing aid for peace in Mexico.

Mexico Solidarity Network

Mujeres Zapatistas - Zapatista Women

National Commission for Democracy in Mexico

National Indigenous Congress
Principal documents of the national indigenous movement of Mexico

RealVideo, RealAudio: Marcos of EZLN
Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN speaks to American filmmaker Kerry Appel in these clips. Spanish with English subtitles. You must have RealPlayer 5.0 and at least a 28.8 modem connection to the Internet to view RealVideo files; those with slower modems, or older RealAudio players, may listen, but will get no video. If you haven't obtained your free RealPlayer yet, see for instructions.

Servicio Internacional para la Paz (SIPAZ)/International Service for Peace
"SIPAZ is a response from the international community to the shared sense among many Mexican sectors that international opinion can contribute to the search for peaceful solutions, through dialogue, to the conflict in Chiapas."

SOS Mujer Mexico (SOS Woman Mexico)
Initiated by women from various Mexican human rights organizations, in response to "the increasing deterioration of many of these organizations coupled with the augmentation of impunity regarding crimes against women in Mexico. Our objective is to make known the situations that many Mexican woman and girls are presently dealing with. We document and inform using specific cases of human rights violations as examples. Rapes, murders, tortures and disappearances are examples of some of the crimes occurring all across Mexico."

The Chiapas Alert Network
Working to end the paramilitary and military violence and intimidation aimed at the Indigenous people of Chiapas, Mexico.

Zapatista front of National Liberation: official sites

Pro-sovereigntist activist media

Aboriginal Independent Newspaper

An Phoblacht Republican News

Black Autonomy News Service

Chicano Press Association

Dark Night Press
Although Dark Night does not have a WWW link, we are including them here because their magazine, Dark Night Field Notes, is an amazing piece of work and we strongly recommend subscribing.

Delta: News and background on Ogoni, Shell and Nigeria

Full Frame Film & Video Distribution
Films and videos on "topics encompassing third world development, social justice, and women's issues, to name a few". Includes 'This is Chiapas', a 42-minute documentary about indigenous struggles.

Information service of the Institute for Puerto Rican Policy, Inc.

Huron Newsletter
put out by Ishgooda, owner of serendipity-L; highly recommended

Mohawk Nation News

Na Maka O Ka 'Aina (The Eyes of the Land)
Over 55 videos on Hawaii, including culture, history, sovereignty, environment, and land struggles.

Native Americas Magazine

Nekeneke News
Information and opinions on Mana Maaori Motuhake, Australian constitutional changes, and news from around the world on indigenous sovereignty

Native Voices Public Television Workshop

OWERA International Books, Videos, Art and Music
Books include Where Eagles Dare to Soar -- Indians, Politics and AIDS, The Great Law of Peace, and Mohawk Warriors Three - The Trial of Lasagna, Noriega and 20-20; OWERA also distributes the video "Okanada" (about the SQ siege of Mohawks in 1990) and numerous tapes by Mohawk Blood and The Silverbacks. OWERA also provides conflict resolution facilitators and speakers. OWERA is run by Mohawk women of Kahnawake.

Raza News Service
"Raza News Service is a free mailing list/news service for/about Chicanos, Mexicanos, Puerto Ricans, Latinos and all indigenous gente south of la frontera falsa and our politics, issues and struggles. Raza News Service serves to combat the whitewash of info relevant to our people's education and liberation."

Spanish Dagger
Includes news of the Zapatistas' struggle

Described as a "very high volume indigenous news list".

Warrior Spirit
"An electronic journal for Native Americans and their supporters"

Wotanging Ikche - Native American News
Articles, updates, analysis compiled from a wide range of internet postings

Click HERE for a list of indigenous publications' mail addresses


Anna Mae Aquash Memorial Page

Dave Silver's Activist Resource Home Page
"This site supports anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-sexist and progressive struggles in the US and abroad."

First Nations/First Peoples Issues
4 Star Magellan site; the award was well deserved.

First Nations Book Site
Distribution of a number of excellent books on indigenous sovereignty

Fourth World Indigenous Youth Conference

Online directory of over 10,000 nonprofit and community organizations working in 120 countries. Detailed information about organizations' services, volunteer opportunities, job and internship listings, and any publication or material it has produced. Includes listings of pro-sovereigntist organizations.

John Trudell

Paula Giese's pages A wealth of information, including links to 300+ other sites and an excellent section on maps NOTE: we received word in late July/97 that Paula, a veteran AIM activist, had passed away. She will be sorely missed. Mention of Paula's passing is at We are not sure how long Paula's web pages will remain up; they were still functional as of July 31, 1997.
Roles of Non-Hawaiians in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement
Essential reading for settlers wanting to support indigenous sovereignty.

Russell Means' home page

Speak Out
US not-for-profit artists and speakers agency; includes many sovereigntists on its speaker list.

The Activist Page
Info on Big Mountain and other liberation struggles.

This Week in North American Indian History

Wokiksuye Canpe Opi / Remember Wounded Knee

Wounded Knee homepage

WWW Virtual Library
Amazing library with links on just about everything relating to Australian Aborginal history, resistance, culture, etc., including legal documents.


Listservers are automatic electronic mailing lists that post automatically to whoever is on the list. Anyone subscribed can post to the list and everyone else will receive that posting.

listing of 60+ Native American mailing lists