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* Appeal * Parole applications


* Trial: sovereigntists testify; final statements; verdicts; sentences * State moves to prevent inquiry


* Trial: police testimony reveals "smear campaign" * Sundance arbor burned to ground


* Siege: August 19 - September 17 * Wolverine, JoJo, and Dr. Bruce Clark imprisoned

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In 1995, after a long history of peaceful attempts to have Shuswap sovereignty respected, indigenous people from the Shuswap and other nations and a few non-indigenous supporters took a stand on sacred Sundance lands at Ts'Peten, aka Gustafsen Lake. People came to the Sundance grounds after a call for help went out, in response to threats made by a local rancher and his hired goons. Shortly afterwards the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) surrounded the Ts'Peten Defenders and held the people there under siege. Over the next month police, politicians, and media escalated the situation to make the siege the most expensive domestic military operation in Canada's history. Miraculously, there was only one casualty -- a dog deliberately killed by a police sniper firing at two unarmed people and the animal as they fled from police gunfire and armored personnel carriers.

It could well be argued that there was another casualty at Ts'Peten: justice. The people inside the encampment were forced to endure the longest criminal trial in Canadian history. After over a year of astonishing testimony by police (including open admissions of a "smear and disinformation campaign" against the Ts'Peten Defenders and lawyer Bruce Clark), thirteen of the Defenders received jail sentences.

Three of the Defenders appealed the verdicts on the grounds that the land where the siege took place is native land, and therefore the settler (non-native) courts have no jurisdiction. In early November, the BC Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal. From the beginning of the standoff, Defenders have for an impartial, independent inquiry into the ongoing usurpation of native jurisdiction. Since the end of the standoff, Defenders have called for an additional inquiry into the government and military siege of the Sundancers and their supporters, and the ensuing cover-up.

It remains to be seen if justice will be denied yet again.

Summary of key evidence and testimony


* As revealed in trial testimonies - up to Feb. 20/97
* Compiled by lawyers and Defendants - up to Oct./96

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* Dr. Bruce Clark archives * Our Home and Native Land - Sundancers on Trial Ongoing series in Terminal City, Vancouver weekly magazine


These archives are intended to be a reference for all documents relating to Ts'Peten (Gustafsen Lake). Many of the items listed here are NOT reliable, accurate sources of information (e.g., RCMP press releases, mainstream media clippings). For example, most of the mainstream newspapers that covered the standoff at Ts'Peten took their information solely from police press releases and police statements, ignoring or misquoting spokespeople of the Ts'Peten Defenders. The documents listed here are, we believe, best read critically. Some of the documents included in this archive may contain biased and distorted information and may be missing pertinent facts and/or context. Our inclusion of these documents in this archive should not be assumed to mean we agree with their content. However, we do feel that they are valuable sources of information in terms of understanding the construction of the "smear and disinformation campaign".

Documents are listed chronologically, in reverse order. For the purposes of maintaining an overall chronological index, we have interspersed legal and non-legal documents here. In addition we have indexed the Defenders' trial at /gustlake/trial.html, for ease in following solely the legal developments.

    CASNP: Alliance in Solidarity with the Native Peoples
    MNN: Mohawk Nation News Service



no date: League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations supports inquiry

Dec 14/98: Wolverine transferred; parole update
Dec 05/98: Civil Liberties Ass'n justifies silence on Gustafsen
Dec 03/98: City honors Gustafsen ERT member
Dec 02/98: UVic grad students support Gustafsen inquiry
Dec / 98: Gustafsen - A classic coverup continues


Nov 27/98: Speech by Gustafsen criminal Dosanjh
Nov 25/98: CUPE 2419 supports Gustafsen inquiry
Nov 23/98: Canada's Solicitor-General resigns
Nov 18/98: Open letter to Svend Robinson re: coverup
Nov 15/98: JTF2-From Lima to Oka and Gustafsen Lake

Nov 11/98: Trial-Wolverine's appeal denied

Nov 04/98: AFN-no movement on Gustafsen inquiry
Nov 02/98: BC NDP Premier tells CUPE "no inquiry"


Oct 29/98: APEC protesters support Gustafsen inquiry

Oct 28/98: Trial-BC Court of Appeal dismisses Wolverine's final appeal

Oct 27/98: Why is Civil Liberties Ass'n silent?
Oct 27/98: BC NDP Premier does business with dictators
Oct 19/98: NDP MP Svend Robinson rejects Gustafsen inquiry
Oct 15/98: APEC protester on "double standard" of inquiries
Oct 07/98: Pacific Human Rights supports Gustafsen inquiry
Oct / 98: Gustafsen criminal Dosanjh-"anti-racism" hypocrite


Sep 11/98: APEC protesters support Ts'Peten Defenders
Sep 10/98: CBC Radio to air Gustafsen segment
Sep 06/98: Canada's NDP leader supports Gustafsen inquiry


Aug 26/98: CUPE supports Gustafsen inquiry, urges labor support


Jul 27/98: Conversation with Wolverine

Jul 14/98: Victoria police stonewall Gustafsen info
Jul 12/98: NDP Premier deflects Green Party re-Gustafsen
Jul 12/98: Some of the reasons for the coverup of Gustafsen

Jul 06/98: Prisoner's Justice Day, Vancouver


Jun 02/98: TSSU supports Gustafsen/Ipperwash inquiries
Jun 02/98: Run for Freedom for Peltier, Wolverine


May 15/98: Interview with Bruce Clark on denial of leave to appeal
May 14/98: SCOC denies leave to appeal

May 07/98: Favel doing Canada's dirty work with Mayans


Apr 05/98: Canada moving on Gustafsen inquiry?
Apr 08/98: Aboriginal Rights Coalition supports Gustafsen inquiry
Apr 20/98: Indian Affairs Minister on native sovereignty
Apr 28/98: Gustafsen video now available


Mar 28/98: Reform Party dismisses Gustafsen inquiry
Mar 26/98: Martlet - Human rights not happening in BC
Mar 25/98: FWC calls for resignation of BC Attorney-General
Mar 23/98: Monday Magazine asked to correct misinformation about Gustafsen
Mar 12/98: Maya reps get run-around with Favel over Gustafsen

Mar 12/98: Martlet - Petter breaks govt. silence over Gustafsen
Mar 12/98: Martlet - Canada scrambles to contain Gustafsen crisis

Mar 08/98: NDP names RCMP "central player" in Gustafsen
Mar 05/98: Booklet about Gustafsen now available


Feb 28/98: OJ Pitawanakwat denied parole
Feb / 98: Letters in support of OJ Pitawanakwat

Feb 23/98: Speaking tour-Colonialism in Canada
Feb 12/98: Council of Canadians supports Gustafsen inquiry

Feb 06/98: Appeal-Court upholds Gustafsen convictions
Feb 06/98: Application for Leave to appeal
Feb 05/98: BC Court of Appeal-Reasons for Judgement

Feb 05/98: Splitting the Sky speaking tour
Feb 04/98: Gustafsen war criminal named Queen's Counsel
Jan-Feb/98: RCMP tries out armoured vehicles


Jan 28/98: Support OJ Pitawanakwat's parole application
Jan 26/98: BC responds to jurisdictional challenge w/Delgamuukw

Jan 22/98: FWC spokesperson assaulted by RCMP
Jan 22/98: BC NDP MLA breaks silence on Gustafsen...sort of
Jan 17/98: Solicitor-General replies re: Wolverine

Jan 17/98: Appeal-Letter from Clark to Willms

Jan 13/98: Interview with Bill Lightbown
Jan 10/98: Gustafsen deputy Defence Minister moves to UN
Jan 10/98: Gustafsen Mountie cited for actions
Jan 08/98: BC Human Rights report mentions Gustafsen

Jan 08/98: Appeal-Chief Justice offers 'deal' to Ts'peten Defenders
Jan 02/98: Appeal-Reasons: Motion to withdraw non-jurisdictional argument



Dec 30/97: Message from Wolverine to supporters
Dec 18/97: Monday, part 2 - One last stand

Dec 11/97: McEachern rules on Gustafsen motion

Dec / 97: Statements by Ts'peten political prisoners


Nov 24/97: Monday, part 1 - Divided they stand
Nov 18/97: AFN calls for inquiry into Gustafsen & Stoney Point
Nov 17/97: Prisoncrats relent, allow appeal papers in
Nov 14/97: Prison authorities sabotage appeal

Nov 09/97: Gustafsen Lake benefit film screening

Nov 07/97: Court refuses to hear appeal
Nov 06/97: Ts'Peten Defenders separated, denied visits


Oct 23/97: Visiting Wolverine

Oct 23/97: Reform MP defends govt. actions at Gustafsen

Oct 16/97: The Martlet - BC stalls Gustafsen appeals
Oct 12/97: Court unexpectedly adjourns appeals

Oct 09/97: Martlet editorial - In case you missed it...
Oct 01/97: Clipping - Spy agency given sweeping powers


Sep 26/97: Clipping - Media should apologize for Gustafsen
Sep 24/97: From Gustafsen to Attica, the smear campaign continues

Sep 18/97: Application for Leave to Appeal

Sep 15/97: International day of e-mail action
Sep 15/97: Free Wolverine Campaign fundraiser to be held in Seattle
Sep 12/97: Ts'Peten Defender released from prison

Sep 11/97: Gustafsen 2 year retrospective - Interview with Wolverine

Sep 11/97: The Martlet: Unhappy anniversary
Sep 08/97: BC Report - "Native Insurrectionists"

Sep 07/97: Defensoria Maya stand in solidarity with Defenders
Sep 02/97: Canadian govt. used land mines against natives
Sep 01/97: Mayans condemn Canada

Sep / 97: Terminal City - Interview with John Shafter
Sep / 97: Terminal City - Interview with Lil'Wat activists


Aug 29/97: Gustafsen 2 year retrospective - Aug. 29, 1995 remembered
Aug 28/97: Gustafsen 2 year retrospective - Aug. 28, 1995 remembered

Aug 28/97: Paranoid fantasies of Reform Party

Aug 27/97: Gustafsen 2 year retrospective - Aug. 27, 1995 remembered
Aug 26/97: Gustafsen 2 year retrospective - Aug. 26, 1995 remembered
Aug 25/97: Gustafsen 2 year retrospective - Aug. 25, 1995 remembered

Aug 13/97: BC Liberals woo Gustafsen Mountie
Aug 06/97: Conspirators scrambling to implement cover-up

Aug 04/97: Trial - Letter to Editor re: media coverage

Aug 01/97: New AFN 'Chief' calls for Gustafsen inquiry


Jul / 97: Trial - Demanarchie Vol. 4 #1: No Jurisdiction

Jul / 97: Latin American Connexions - Interview with Bill Lightbown

Jul 31/97: Trial - Clippings: Defenders sentenced
Jul 30/97: Trial - Defenders sentenced to jail terms

Jul 29/97: AFN Elections = pillowfight between political bedfellows
Jul 28/97: Trial - AFN 'chiefs' golf while Defenders await sentencing

Jul 23/97: Trial - Sentencing date set

Jul 22/97: Benefit to be held Aug 8 in Montreal
Jul 17/97: Ontario calls for inquiry; BC silent on Gustafsen
Jul 16/97: Interview with native RCMP officer who resigned after Gust. Lake
Jul 15/97: Comparing Great Law and Handsome Lake Code
Jul 14/97: Canada moves to gut inquiries

Jul 12/97: Trial - Defenders' sentencing submissions continue
Jul 11/97: Trial - Waiting to see justice: Defenders' sentencing submissions
Jul 10/97: Trial - Concerns mount, support letters come in
Jul 09/97: Trial - Support letter from ex-US Attorney General Ramsey Clark

Jul 09/97: RCMP buy APCs to use on natives
Jul 08/97: Vancouver forum on Ts'Peten

Jul 07/97: Trial - Urgent appeal for letters supporting Defenders
Jul 07/97: Letter to Gustafsen Judge from Ramsey Clark

Jul 04/97: European Parliamentarian supports Defenders
Jul 03/97: From Oka to Somalia to Gustafsen Lake
Jul 02/97: Correction to John Ekstedt article
Jul 01/97: Interview with Bruce Clark: Gustafsen, Delgamuukw, the Queen,
             legal "mafia"


Jun / 97: What was real threat posed by Sundancers?

Jun / 97: Source of Resistance #3: Colonialism Continues - Inside the
            Gustafsen Lake Standoff
              ° Introduction & Contents
              ° Chronology of events during standoff
              ° Haudenosaunee letter of support to Defenders
              ° Roundtable: Excerpts from discussion with Bill Lightbown,
                              Shelagh Franklin, Flo Sampson and
                              John "Splitting the Sky" Hill.
              ° Letter from Bruce Clark to RCMP
              ° Complicity and Silence: Analysis of media coverage
              ° Interview with Wolverine
              ° Summation of Defender James (Eyabay) Pitawanakwat, aka OJ
              ° Damage control: Court tactics and media spin control
              ° Sovereignty: Speech by Lavina White, Haida elder
              ° Further Readings
Jun 30/97: Trial - Bulldozer #2: Jury steered to convict

Jun 23/97: Open letter to Queen Elizabeth II

Jun 21/97: Trial - Crown demands stiff sentences, especially for Wolverine
Jun 20/97: Trial - Terminal City #196: No happy ending, just damage control
Jun 17/97: Trial - MNN: The real sentencing circle

Jun 13/97: TV show on Gustafsen cover-up
Jun 11/97: Clipping: Psychological tactics, from Gustafsen to Peru

Jun 11/97: Trial - Clipping: Defence suggests sentencing circle
Jun 10/97: Trial - Sentencing delayed
Jun 09/97: Trial - Gustafsen 'sentencing circle' rejected by sovereigntists
Jun 08/97: Trial - Vigil for Defenders
Jun 07/97: Trial - Clipping: Judge to rule on Gustafsen sentencing
Jun 06/97: Trial - Terminal City #194: Mapping racism

Jun 07/97: War criminal appointed to Law Commission

Jun 06/97: Trial - Wolverine: When will we get justice?
Jun 04/97: Trial - Socialist Worker: Drop all the charges

Jun 03/97: Day of Action in solidarity with Defenders
Jun 03/97: Report on Vancouver rally
Jun 01/97: Smear campaign continues

Jun / 97: Ts'peten Pamphlet


May 31/97: Defendant "OJ": Stolen jurisdiction, illusion of reality
May 30/97: Trial - Terminal City #193: Defenders need your support now
May 27/97: Urgent action campaign for Defenders

May 27/97: Trial - Wolverine denied bail again; call for action

May 23/97: Clipping: Fast-tracking land claims lesson of Gust. Lake
May 23/97: Bruce Clark: Gustafsen Lake, Senecas, and Mohegans

May 22/97: Trial - CPC-ML condemns convictions

May 21/97: Clipping: Cops' antics not funny

May 21/97: Trial - Reasons for Judgement: Ruling disallowing self-defence
May 20/97: Trial - CASNP statement on verdicts
May 20/97: Trial - Colonialist court, colonialist verdicts

May 19/97: Trial - Jury out a week; call for inquiry
May 18/97: Trial - Judicial manipulation of jury
May 16/97: Trial - Colour of Right defence: where did it go?
May 14/97: Trial - Still awaiting verdict
May 13/97: Trial - Jury still out
May 12/97: Trial - Jury begins deliberations

May 12/97: Trial - Judge continues to stonewall jurisdiction
May 11/97: Trial - Judge withholds 50+ hours of RCMP training tape
May 10/97: Trial - Charging the jury
May 09/97: Trial - Reasons for Judgement: Dismissal of jurisdiction argument
May 09/97: Trial - CASNP: What next?
May 07/97: Trial - Judge stacks the deck

May 04/97: Trial - Clipping: Conspiracy theories on trial
May 02/97: Trial - Clipping: Crown accuses Defenders of
                    "Conspiracy to commit mischief"
May 01/97: Trial - Clipping: Crown argues "Gustafsen not a land issue"
May 01/97: National magazine supports public inquiry


Apr / 97: Trial - "Bulldozer" #1: Real Terrorists at Gustafsen Exposed

Apr 30/97: Trial - Last-minute dirty tricks to steer trial
Apr 30/97: Trial - Clipping: Wolverine speaks to court
Apr 29/97: Trial - Lawyer Manuel Azevedo: "Plea for respect"
                     Related document: interview with Glen Deneault
Apr 29/97: Trial - Clipping: Only conspiracy = politicans + police
Apr 28/97: Trial - Wolverine: "Bullshit sells, truth doesn't"
Apr 26/97: Trial - Lawyer George Wool: "Media manipulation"
Apr 25/97: Trial - Terminal City #188: Interview with John Shafer

Apr 25/97: Trial - OJ: "Sovereignty is the issue"

Apr 25/97: Trial - Lawyer Sheldon Tate: "Blame Clark, not clients"

Apr 24/97: Trial - Closing statements: Rob Flemming, Shelagh Franklin

Apr 21/97: Trial - End is in sight
Apr 21/97: Trial - Summary of key evidence and testimony
Apr 20/97: Trial - Reasons for Judgement: Dismissal of colour of right
Apr 18/97: Trial - Terminal City #187: Bruce Clark stands on guard

Apr 16/97: Ernie Yacub's speech at Earth Walk '97

Apr 15/97: Trial - The Defense rests its case
Apr 14/97: Trial - Ts'peten trial reminiscent of Kafka's "Castle"
Apr 12/97: Trial - Lil'wat Elder testifies
Apr 11/97: Trial - Terminal City #186: Where's the media?
Apr 04/97: Trial - Terminal City #185: Trial continues

Apr 03/97: Mercredi = National Indian Hero or National Indian Disgrace?


Mar / 97: The psychology behind RCMP actions at Ts'peten
Mar / 97: The spiritual stand at Gustafsen Lake

Mar 31/97: Trial - Media coverage = perception or reality?

Mar 27/97: Residential school rapist freed, Wolverine still in jail

Mar 27/97: Trial - Prosecution summons constitutional 'experts'
Mar 26/97: Trial - Bruce Clark: Canada "sneaks and snakes"
Mar 25/97: Trial - Bruce Clark: BC = "special racist enclave"

Mar 21/97: Interview with Wolverine

Mar 19/97: Trial - Bruce Clark: Responsibility for genocide
Mar 18/97: Trial - Bruce Clark: Self-defense = remedy to genocide

Mar 16/97: Montreal report on action against police brutality

Mar 14/97: Trial - Terminal City #182: Bruce Clark takes the stand
Mar 13/97: Trial - Bruce Clark: "Judicial genocide"
Mar 12/97: Trial - "Human Rights" minister ordered weapons
Mar 11/97: Trial - Bruce Clark testifies: rule of law on trial
Mar 08/97: Trial - Interrogation a travesty of justice
Mar 07/97: Trial - Clippings: Bruce Clark's testimony
Mar 07/97: Trial - Terminal City #181: Wolverine denied bail again
Mar 06/97: Trial - Bruce Clark: Respect and consent

Mar 06/97: Margaret Clark's car torched

Mar 05/97: Trial - Witness' memory "gone" due to abuse
Mar 04/97: Trial - Dr. Bruce Clark to appear as witness
Mar 03/97: Trial - The Militant: Cop frame-up against Natives unravels
Mar 02/97: Trial - Clipping: BC's trial in a giant 'fish tank'
Mar 02/97: Trial - Letter demanding media resume coverage


Feb 28/97: Trial - Ernie Archie testifies
Feb 28/97: Trial - Terminal City #180: JoJo Ignace tortured
Feb 27/97: Trial - The Martlet: What kind of justice?
Feb 26/97: Trial - Media disappears
Feb 21/97: Trial - RCMP: Flak jackets tampered with
Feb 21/97: Trial - Terminal City #179: "murderers" vs. "patsies"
Feb 20/97: Trial - Clipping: Wolverine requests Clark

Chronology of standoff as revealed in trial testimonies - up to Feb. 20/97

Feb 19/97: Trial - RCMP quotes
Feb 18/97: Trial - Statement by Bill Lightbown, Kootenai elder
Feb 17/97: Trial - Defendant Trond Halle: Trial nears end
Feb 14/97: Trial - Terminal City #178: The non-official version
Feb 14/97: Trial - First casualty at Ts'peten = truth
Feb 12/97: Trial - Records exaggerated
Feb 06/97: Trial - Clipping: Trial turns into probe of Mounties' actions
Feb 05/97: Trial - Clipping: Mountie says smear charge is "ludicrous"
Feb 04/97: Trial - Clipping: Sgt. cites boss: "Kill this Clark"


Jan 31/97: Trial - Clipping: Up in smoke and all on video
Jan 29/97: Trial - Clipping: RCMP admit Gustafsen gaff
Jan 28/97: Trial - Clipping: Natives feared cops were racists
Jan 25/97: Trial - Clipping: RCMP denies plan to deceive media
Jan 24/97: Trial - Clipping: Mountie denies propaganda plan
Jan 23/97: Trial - Clippings: Officer altered surrender plan

Jan 23/97: Correspondence between Minister of Defence & Ts'peten legal team

Jan 21/97: Trial - Clipping: Mountie regrets "smear" remark
Jan 20/97: Trial - Clipping: Battle extends to trial
Jan 09/97: Trial - Clipping: RCMP feared a "war"
Jan 08/97: Trial - Clipping: Police wanted 4,000 troops
Jan 07/97: Trial - Clipping: Armed standoff led to charges

Jan 01/97: Defenders' panel & RCMP shooting on TV



Dec 20/96: Trial - RCMP "smear campaign" revealed

Dec 13/96: Trial, Day 91 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Dec 12/96: Trial, Day 90 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Dec 11/96: Trial, Day 89 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Dec 06/96: Trial, Day 88 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Dec 05/96: Trial, Day 87 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Dec 03/96: Trial, Day 86 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes


Nov 29/96: Trial, Day 85 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 27/96: Trial, Day 83 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 26/96: Trial, Day 82 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 25/96: Trial, Day 81 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Nov 22/96: Trial, Day 80 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 21/96: Trial, Day 79 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 20/96: Trial, Day 78 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 18/96: Trial, Day 77 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Nov 15/96: Trial, Day 76 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 14/96: Trial, Day 75 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 13/96: Trial, Day 74 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 12/96: Trial, Day 73 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Nov 10/96: Trial - Call to attend bail hearing for Wolverine

Nov 08/96: Trial, Day 72 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 07/96: Trial, Day 71 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 06/96: Trial, Day 70 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 05/96: Trial, Day 69 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Nov 04/96: Trial, Day 68 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes


Oct 31/96: Trial, Day 67 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 30/96: Trial, Day 66 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 29/96: Trial, Day 65 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 28/96: Trial, Day 64 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Oct 25/96: Trial, Day 63 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 24/96: Trial, Day 62 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 23/96: Trial, Day 61 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 22/96: Trial, Day 60 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 21/96: Trial, Day 59 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Oct 11/96: Trial, Day 58 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 10/96: Trial, Day 57 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 09/96: Trial, Day 56 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 08/96: Trial, Day 55 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 07/96: Trial, Day 54 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Oct 04/96: Trial, Day 53 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 03/96: Trial, Day 52 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 02/96: Trial, Day 51 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Oct 01/96: Trial, Day 50 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes


Sep 30/96: Trial, Day 49 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Sep 27/96: Trial, Day 48 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 26/96: Trial, Day 47 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 25/96: Trial, Day 46 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 24/96: Trial, Day 45 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 23/96: Trial, Day 44 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Sep 20/96: Trial, Day 43 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 19/96: Trial, Day 42 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 18/96: Trial, Day 41 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 17/96: Trial, Day 40 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 16/96: Trial, Day 39 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Sep 16/96: Trial - The Militant: Native Canadians fight for land rights

Sep 13/96: Trial, Day 38 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 12/96: Trial, Day 37 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 11/96: Trial, Day 36 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 10/96: Trial, Day 35 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 09/96: Trial, Day 34 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Sep 06/96: Trial, Day 33 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 05/96: Trial, Day 32 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 04/96: Trial, Day 31 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Sep 03/96: Trial, Day 30 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes


Aug / 96: Speeches at Ts'peten support event, La Quena Coffeehouse
             Mary Pena, Ts'peten Defender
             Dacajewiah, Ts'peten spokesperson
             Percy Rosette, Shuswap Faithkeeper
Aug 30/96: Trial, Day 29 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 29/96: Trial, Day 28 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 28/96: Trial, Day 27 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 27/96: Trial, Day 26 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 26/96: Trial, Day 25 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Aug 23/96: Trial, Day 24 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 22/96: Trial, Day 23 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 21/96: Trial, Day 22 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 20/96: Trial, Day 21 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Aug 18/96: Trial - Far from a 'ho-hummer': real criminals unmasked

Aug 15/96: Trial - Oh Canada, our home and NATIVE land

Aug 16/96: Trial, Day 19 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 15/96: Trial, Day 18 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 14/96: Trial, Day 17 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 13/96: Trial, Day 16 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Aug 12/96: Trial, Day 15 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes


Jul 26/96: Trial, Day 14 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 25/96: Trial, Day 13 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 24/96: Trial, Day 12 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 23/96: Trial, Day 11 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 22/96: Trial, Day 10 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Jul 21/96: Trial - Delay caused by prosecution withholding info
Jul 21/96: Trial - RCMP sent in to improve NDP ratings?

Jul 19/96: Trial - Petition filed for Wolverine's release

Jul 19/96: Trial, Day 09 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 18/96: Trial, Day 08 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Jul 17/96: Trial, Day 07 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 17/96: Trial, Day 07 - 'Ownership' of site questioned

Jul 16/96: Trial, Day 06 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 16/96: Trial, Day 06 - Excessive force used against Defender

Jul 15/96: Trial, Day 05 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 15/96: Trial, Day 05 - RCMP selective memory

Jul 14/96: Trial, Week 1 - Summary of first week of court

Jul 11/96: Trial, Day 04 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 10/96: Trial, Day 03 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes

Jul 09/96: Trial, Day 02 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 09/96: Trial, Day 02 - First police testimony evasive

Jul 08/96: Trial, Day 01 - Defendant Trond Halle's notes
Jul 08/96: Trial, Day 01 - Powerful opening statement brings
                            spontaneous applause
Jul 07/96: Growing support for Defenders on eve of trial
Jul 03/96: Senior RCMP officers abscond from court


Jun 14/96: Trial - Ts'peten Defender demands RCMP issue retractions
Jun 04/96: Trial - Defenders' lawyer questions use of the military
Jun 04/96: Trial - Defense lawyer challenges make-up of jury pool


May 30/96: Trial - The Martlet: Justice? What justice?
May 29/96: Trial - Jury selection begins

May 22/96: Clipping - Native roadblock will test NDP

May 14/96: B.C. Attorney-General served with legal petition

May 07/96: Trial - Sgt. Montague continues to testify
May 06/96: Trial - Sgt. Montague grilled about RCMP handling of media


Apr 29/96: Trial - Strange justice: bail granted, injustice unquestioned
Apr 26/96: Trial - Final day of bail hearing set
Apr 24/96: Trial - Clipping: Accused endures 'circus' in jail
Apr 23/96: Trial - Clipping: Lift on press ban sought

Apr 02/96: Sacred Sundance arbor burned down


Jan 16/96: Defenders prepare for trial; police disclosures revealing



Nov / 95: Canadian Forum: Manufacturing Contempt-Covering the stand-off
Nov / 95: Whose Province? - Top Ten Lies About Defenders Dismantled

Nov 11/95: Court continues use of intimidation tactics


late Oct.: Chronology of standoff, to Oct. 5

Oct 30/95: Who Owns Canada?
Oct 24/95: RCMP try to intimidate Ts'peten Defenders
Oct 24/95: Letter from Ts'peten Defenders to all supporters
Oct 23/95: Canada accelerates indigenous termination agenda
Oct 19/95: CBC Radio interview: Bruce Clark flees to Holland
Oct 12/95: Ex-US AG cites judge as tyrant


late Sep.: Letters to editor supporting Ts'peten Defenders
late Sep.: Life inside the Ts'peten Camp - by Trond Halle

Sep 26/95: 3rd party hearing request; Queens Park vigil dismantled
Sep 26/95: Letter from ex-U.S. Attorney General to Judge Friesen
Sep 25/95: The Militant: Protests challenge govt. assault on activists
Sep 19/95: Margaret Clark: Defending the big lie


AUGUST 19 - SEPTEMBER 17, 1995

Day 30 - Sep 17 / 95

Update: Seige ends - RCMP press conference

Day 29 - Sep 16 / 95

Update: Bruce Clark arrested Support: Police harass indigenous people at Peace Arch The Militant: Canada - Gov't is the criminal

Day 28 - Sep 15 / 95

ASSC (Aboriginal Sovereignty Support Committee) formed

Day 27 - Sep 14 / 95

Bruce Clark: Collaborators & police vs. the resistance peoples

Day 26 - Sep 13 / 95

Update: Defenders stay inside camp Media report: Peace at hand Media report: RCMP accused of smear campaign Support: Sinixt Nation

Day 25 - Sep 12 / 95

Update: Police shoot defenders Update: Native support increases; police step up tensions Clipping: Chronology of standoff Bruce Clark: Supreme Court action

Day 24 - Sep 11 / 95

Update: Police block all movement except negotiating team Update: Mohawks march against Ontario police killings Bruce Clark: Domestic vs. constitutional law Support: Report on Mohawk action

Day 22 - Sep 09 / 95

Support: Haudenosaunee declaration of defence

Day 21- Sep 08 / 95

Support: Five Nations letter to Jean Chretien

Day 20 - Sep 07 / 95

Clipping: Whose "law" and whose "order"? The Militant: Canada cops threaten natives Support: IITC to Jean Chretien on Gustafsen Lake Op/Ed: COINTELPRO tactics

Day 19 - Sep 06 / 95

Related event: Ontario police murder unarmed native protester Support: Indigenous Support From Australia

Day 18 - Sep 05 / 95

Update: Tanks, lap dogs, and injunctions Statement: BC Premier on Gustafsen Lake

Day 15 - Sep 02 / 95

Update: Police declare 2000 square mile "no-go zone" Bruce Clark: Correspondence between Clark & RCMP

Day 14 - Sep 01 / 95

Update: Two men leave camp; historical context of siege RCMP document: RCMP media strategy

Day 13 - Aug 31 / 95

Update: Dr. Clark finally allowed to go inside camp Monday Magazine: Shaking hands with "Wolverine"

Day 12 - Aug 30 / 95

Clippings: Court case way to end siege? Clipping: Standoff result of "years of neglect" Clipping: AG says immunity "impossible" Clipping: RCMP angered by media report Clipping: Action in U.S. in support of Defenders Support: Mohawks seize Crown building

Day 11 - Aug 29 / 95

Update: International pressure, Sundancers' resolve cracks siege Clipping: National columnist: media coverage suspect Support: Ex-U.S. Attorney-General calls for peace at Gustafsen

Day 10 - Aug 28 / 95

Support: Demo in support of Defenders

Day 9 - Aug 27 / 95

Update: Police allege Defenders shot two officers

Day 8 - Aug 26 / 95

Update: Media distortion of situation at Gustafsen Lake Bruce Clark: Sundancers are heroes, not terrorists Clipping: Mercredi, rebels clash about way to justice

Day 7 - Aug 25 / 95

Release: Defenders' demands Update: RCMP tell media of plans for invasion Update: Police cut communication to Defenders Support: Group plans demo in support of Defenders

Day 6 - Aug 24 / 95

Release: Defenders call for peaceful solution

Day 5 - Aug 23 / 95

Clipping: Indians invite RCMP to talk

Day 4 - Aug 22 / 95

Clipping: Rebels plan to leave in 'body bags'

Day 3 - Aug 21 / 95

Release: Defenders' press release - support sought

Day 2 - Aug 20 / 95

Clipping: RCMP "on warpath" Clipping: Police set to move in


Jul 19/95: Defenders' press release - Preparing for assault
Jul 12/95: Report of native RCMP Officer - "It's genocide"


Jun 28/95: Clipping - Gustafsen Lake: a special place
Jun 28/95: Clippings - Is Gustafsen a sacred site, or more?
Jun 18/95: Defenders' press release - No resolution from meeting
Jun 17/95: Defenders' press release - Chronicle of harassment


Jan 03/95: Petition to the Queen

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